Common Problems Poor Window Installation Can Lead To

When it comes to home windows, there are two main things that need to be considered: the quality of the windows themselves, and the quality of the installation—the latter of which is of equal importance. You see, no matter how beautiful, energy efficient, or durable your windows are, they’re unlikely to look or perform as advertised if they’re not installed properly. In fact, there are several problems that poor window installation can lead to, including:

Problems Opening & Closing

Many homeowners are so used to wrestling with their windows to get them to open and close that it becomes normal, but that shouldn’t be the case! If your windows aren’t gliding open and closed with ease, then poor window installation, along with other factors such as chipped frames and rusted hinges, could be to blame.

Drafts & Excess Water

Stand close to your windows. Now walk away from them. Do you notice a difference in temperature? If you feel colder while standing near your windows during the winter, or warmer near your windows in the summer, there may be a gap between the sill and the frame that was left over from an improper installation.

What about water? If you notice leaks, wet stains on your carpet, or mold along the base of your walls, this can also be caused by gaps between your window components. All of these problems are alarming, as drafts can lead to a rise in your monthly energy costs, and excess moisture will only continue to make water damage worse.

Fog Between Window Panes

When condensation appears between window panes, it typically indicates that the seal has failed or the window was not installed properly.

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